Six Daily Habits Unintentionally “Kill” Virgin Human Hair

Hair additionally wants proper care to turn into shiny and wholesome. Nonetheless, some habits of which you your self usually are not conscious can injury your virgin human hair. Thus, it’s essential to restrict the next habits.

Combing when the hair continues to be moist

Combing moist hair is among the unhealthy habits that it’s worthwhile to hand over instantly. When being moist, your hair may be very fragile, when you nonetheless proceed to comb, hair strands will likely be stretched and straightforward to tangle. To make sure security to your hair, it’s time so that you can hand over that unhealthy behavior.

Furthermore, you additionally ought to take note of sort of the comb that you’re utilizing. Comb created from plastic with tight tooth could make your human hair extensions straightforward to tangle extra attributable to friction. Wood comb with loosed tooth is a better option for you. Moreover, you can also select kinds of combs with delicate spines to therapeutic massage your scalp and enhance blood circulation potential.



Utilizing plastic comb make hair straightforward to tangle

Drying hair with excessive temperature

You do not need a lot time to attend your virgin hair for drying naturally. And your frequent resolution to that is drying at excessive temperature. This unhealthy behavior makes hair construction much less secure and injury hair protectants. Your hair could also be dry, break up ends and tangled.

A protected resolution you probably have not sufficient time to attend the hair dry naturally is which you can wipe hair by a delicate towel earlier than utilizing dryer. You need to set average temperature for dryer and let it far out of your human hair extensions about 15 – 20 cm and never at a degree over 25 seconds. It’s noteworthy that you shouldn’t dry your hair completely since this can loss pure moisture of hair.

Bleaching hair

Curling and dying injury virgin human hair, to not point out bleaching. Bleaching can switch poisonous chemical compounds in addition to take away vitamins and pigment of hair. Subsequently, it is best to take cautious consideration earlier than bleaching hair or utilizing chemical compounds for styling hair.

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